Friday, December 22, 2006

May I Offer A Friendly Suggestion?

I like the idea of Brodeur Mirroed Sunglasses Night. I really do. I like the idea of standing behind his goal in warmups waiting for him to come out to greet him with the shades. But I have a friendly suggestion.

Have the folks behind the Caps goal at the 116-117 end of the ice wear the shades for periods one and three and 105-106 end for the second period. That way MAAHR-TAAY!!!!! is looking into the reflective glasses during play. If you're sitting behind shades for MAAHR-TAAY!!!!!, he isn't going to see them during the game and they won't be distracting shades for him. As a matter of fact you're more likely to distract Olie Kolzig doing it that way.

(I would also suggest having the glasses in 101, 102, 109, and 110 in the first and third. Then 112, 113, 120, and 121 in the second to cover the side walls and make it an almost solid line of mirrored shades for MAAHR-TAAY!!!!! to look at.)

Again, I think this is a great idea that could work very well if properly executed. I wish I could be there to join you folks. However I think the only way you'll get a reaction in warmups from MAAHR-TAAY!!!!! is if somebody warns him ahead of time (Dan?) and of course if he doesn't get a call on his cellphone from Melanie before the game.


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