Saturday, December 16, 2006

In A Town Nobody Wants To Live In,

A team nobody wants to own.

Sorry folks, but I have to admit that this is HIGH-Larious. After all the talk of the Isle of Capri being a "done deal" and "Plan B" being rock solid just in case the off-chance long shot possibility of Isle of Capri not happening; now we find the Penguin Scum without the most basic of needs.

An owner.

Two potential owners have now walked away from the franchise after effectively being told that they could not move the franchise. And this is all in spite of the fact that they have been told that a new arena in Pittsburgh is all but a done deal. It seems to me that these businessmen don't think that Pittsburgh is a viable market for an NHL franchise, even with a badly needed brand new arena and Canadian Diving Team Captain, Secondary Assist Cindy Crosby, leading the team on the ice.

Now why is the NHL fighting so hard to keep this franchise in Pittsburgh is beyond me. Didn't these guys learn a lesson from Al Davis and the NFL? There's nothing these guys can do to prevent whoever ends up taking over this team from moving it. Maybe the NHL didn't want to fight with Balsillie over moving the franchise within spitting distance of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

But one thing is for certain, the asking price of the Penguin Scum is way too high for potential owners to keep the team in Pittsburgh, new arena or not. That should send a message to the NHL and the other owners.


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