Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We're Getting Better

But we still have work to do. A.O. is now back in the starting lineup for the NHL All-Star game. So while we've accomplished the short-term mission of getting A.O. back into the top three, we still have a long ways to go because he's 18,095 votes ahead of fourth place right now.

I commend Dan Steinberg for picking up on this and helping to spread the word. Ted Leonsis deserves credit for getting computers on the concourse at the Phone Booth (though I still think we need hackers and/or AOL interns to vote incessantly).

But I have to admit, when I saw that Darwin's Waiting Room was ready to run up the white flag, I thought about joining. I mean, they have a point. The selection method for the All-Star game is a joke. It is not who the best player is but who is the most popular. Now, I thought the All-Star game was supposed be about the best players playing in the game. Yeah, I can see allowing one or two fan favorites into the game (especially in that team's home building) but the bottom line is, only the best players should be in the game and the best of the best should be starting it. If we allowed A.O. to slip out of the starting lineup, the NHL would have egg all over their face because the reigning Calder Trophy winner couldn't get voted into the starting lineup despite having a better year in his sophomore season. I was really ready to throw in the towel when I learned that the Caps themselves weren't even bothering to vote.

But then thought the occurred to me, and after I pulled the batteries out of my smoke detector, I realized that giving up would be a big time mistake. If the Caps fans gave up and conceded defeat thinking that a lineup of Penguin Scum and Buffaslugs would embarrass the NHL into abandoning fan voting, think again.

Want to know why us Caps fans are constantly disrespected around the league?

This is why.

Want to know why we are complaining about the lack of national TV coverage for the Caps?

This is why.

Want to know why Canadian Diving Team Captain, Secondary Assist Cindy Crosby, gets all sorts of boosting from the NHL and the reigning Calder Trophy winner doesn't?

This is why.

Folks, simply put, if we don't support our own players, nobody in the NHL front office or in the league will. There is only one way to get more coverage of the Caps on a national level and that is to Vote For A.O. If you're tired of hearing about how bad Caps fans are, Vote For A.O. If you want to see A.O. and other Caps in stupid NHL commercials, Vote For A.O.

I can understand wanting to embarrass the NHL, and if that is your goal, Write-in Rory Fitzpatrick in the Western Conference, but Vote For A.O. folks.

And finally, Testudo has made it to the finals of the Capital One Bowl Mascot Challenge, he's up against the Washington State Mascot. So Vote For Testudo! as well.

I'm Caps Nut, and I approve this message. This message was not paid for, sponsored, requested, or coordinated by A.O., Ted Leonsis, the Washington Capitals, Rory Fitzpatrick, Testudo, or the University of Maryland Athletic Department. But should have been.



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