Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Scholckmeisters Strike Again

In their vanilla (and I do mean vanilla) Caps preview, the Worldwide Leader in Schlock link to a polling question. You options for "Best Defenseman on the Capitals this season" are Tom Poti, Brian Pothier, and Ben "What A" Clymer.

Maybe they missed the memo, but the Clymer blueline experiment was a failure last season that didn't last very long and nobody is expecting him to play there this season. Though maybe they can be excused because the Caps roster lists him as a defenseman.

And about the other choices, what about Shaone Morrrissonnn and Milan Jurcina? At the end of last season, these two were the top pairing and weren't very bad at it either. But actually following the sports their covering instead of the hype that they play a huge hand in creating is asking too much of the Worldwide Leader in Schlock.

Finally if you're heading out to Kettler today to watch paint practice, don't bother, the Caps have canceled practice today. However, if you still wear red to Kettler, they'll give you a free ticket to a preseason game today (while supplies last of course).



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