Friday, September 21, 2007

Clues To the TV Schedule

Tim Lemke over at the Washington Times $ports Biz Blog tells us that Comcast SportsNet will create an alternate channel to carry games on nights when conflicts exit like October 5th when the Caps open their season in Atlanta and D.C. United visits Kansas City.

The Channel will operate like the alternate channel for the alternate network that the Nats have been enslaved to and apparently will occupy the same channel too. (I typed in my zip code and nothing came up)

Tim also tells us that Comcast Sportsnet will cover 75 Caps games this season.

Add in the seven games scheduled to be on Versus and NBC and it looks as if the Caps will have all 82 games on TV this year. This means earlier fears about the November 6th game against Atlanta being blacked out appear to be unfounded. However, the Comcast SportsNet online schedule only goes until October 31st; so as of right now, we cannot completely confirm that will be televised.

Of course, with the season starting two weeks from tonight, why we have to find this out from a blogger and not the Caps or Comcast SportsNet themselves is beyond me. Maybe us bloggers do have a role to play in the future dissemination of information...



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