Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get With The Program Guys

According to Ted Leonsis, the Caps are not experiencing the complaints that other teams are about the new uniforms. I've long felt that all the complaints leveled about the new uniforms (most of which came out before they were ever introduced) have more to do with the knee-jerk reaction to anything suggested by Gary Bettman than anything else. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if these new complaints about soaked gloves and skates are based entirely upon this. I'm willing to bet that had Don Cherry been the catalyst of these new uniforms, they would be the greatest thing since sliced bread and everybody would be signing the praises of the new uniforms instead of complaining up and down the street.

I wouldn't be surprised either to find out that these complaints are largely unfounded too. With the wicking technology, you're more likely to notice what other areas are wet because everything else covered by the stuff is dry. I've worn my share of Under Armour and I can tell you it does a much better job of keeping you dry when your moving than when you aren't. I've stood in the rain with Under Armour on many times and it does NOT keep you drier because not only can it become saturated (like anything else) it also needs air circulation in order to work properly. So if you're a hockey player standing around or just sitting on the bench, the stuff won't do much for you, but if you're out on the ice moving around, it will dry off and be lighter than regular cotton shirts. The only other option is to hang the stuff up on a hanger. You also have to be very careful washing the stuff because fabric softeners ruins the technology.

Finally it isn't as if hockey players haven't had to deal with wet skates and gloves before these new uniforms. All teams now have a glove drier that they take with them and use between periods. Gary Roberts even admitted that this problem creeps up late in the playoffs during May and June with the old uniforms. Besides, since when did hockey complain about anything like this? This is a sport where it is a badge of honor to get cut, stitched up, and come back to finish out the game. Pain is something to be tolerated yet I'm supposed to believe that these guys can't put up with the annoyance of wet socks and gloves? It's no secret that the players do not like Bettman and I have a sneaking suspicion they're having the same knee jerk reaction as many hockey fans do.



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