Friday, September 14, 2007

Thanks Ted!

As usual, the Caps Promotional Schedule is out now that training camp has arrived. And while J.P. is all over the Mullet wigs (which really would be more appropriate when the Penguin Scum arrive); I'm a fan of the scarves on January 13th and I'm obnoxious enough to take credit for the suggestion. Though what's the deal with the Mr. Potato Head giveaway?????

In personnel news, the Caps were dealt a blow when Eric Fehr failed his training camp physical (First reported by new media blogger Corey Masisak). This hurts because the Caps needed to get him time on the top two lines this season and will have now have to scrape again to find somebody to work in with A.O., Alexander Semin, Viktor Kozlov, Nicklas Backstrom, and Michael Nylander.

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