Friday, April 27, 2007


So I decide to take a break from reading the research on the paper I have due for class on Monday night and in a sheer fit of boredom I end up in Darwin's Waiting Room.

Turns out that less than a month w/o the Caps to complain about they jump all over an On Frozen Blog Post throwing out the idea that Ice Girls will be added as a part of the "Change is Coming" Campaign.

They must either be really, really bored already or just downright stupid (take a guess as to which one I think) because they've already gotten to four pages and only one of them has the requisite reading comprehension skills to realize that it is simply a proposal from the guys at OFB and not an official announcement from the Caps.

I've already weighed in with my thoughts on this issue but J.P. gives me the impression that there is some kind of inside information out there that this is a done a deal and Ice Girls are on the way.

If that is truly the case, then I'll have to put Photoshop on my shopping list and take a crash course in the software...



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