Monday, April 16, 2007

Finally A Renewal Notice!

First of all, props to Peerless for reminding to check my Caps STH account.

I'm not going to complain about the quick turnaround on this (the April 18th Deadline from what I can tell is for the Power Pay sign up) especially with the stunt the Redskins pull on an annual basis (about two and half- three weeks to come up with FULL payment of the invoice) with their renewals and the Nats have done similar stunts as well. While that doesn't make these things "right", we should keep in mind that we normally have our renewals in March.

Anyway, as near as I can tell from this information provided, season ticket holder prices have been held in line once again for the most part.

There is an increase in the gate prices for VIP Row B ($125-$140) and Center Preferred ($90-$95) but that only increases the saving for the STH's.

Instead of "dividing" sections upper deck sections, the Caps have now "one size fits all pricing" in the 400's. This makes Mezzanie Center all one price from the front row to the top row. Those in the back half of the center sections (what used to be Side Balcony) are seeing $10 per game increases in STH packages and $15 per game on a gate price.

In the back half of the Mezzanine Ends (the old "Goal Zone") they are getting a $3 per game increase in STH packages and $7 per game on gate prices.

Now some folks are getting getting price cuts. Sections 403, 404, 414, 413, 420, 421 , 430, and 431 used to be split. 403, 414, 420, and 431 were split between Mezzanine Sides and Side Balcony. 404, 413, 421, and 430 were Mezzanine Ends and Goal Zone. They are now all classified as Mezzanine Corners and everybody who sits there with the exception of the people in the old Goal Zone are seeing their ticket prices cut by as much as $13 per game on a STH package and $28 off the gate price and as little as, $3 per game on a STH package and $7 per game on prices. The folks who had Goal Zone seats in those 8 sections have their price frozen but now have a chance to move to the front of their section at the same price.

Finally, the Loge price level in the 100's and 200's has been eliminated and those prices are now in line with the Preferred sections. Those folks the Loge will see a $5 increase on a STH package and $8 increase at the gate.

Only the Caps know how many of their STH's are seeing increases and how many are seeing cuts. But no matter what, I don't think these increases are cause for passing out the pitchforks and torches. But as Peerless shows, you never can tell with Caps fans. I for one know I am not seeing an increase therefore the decision for me is pretty simple, yes I am renewing.

At first blush, the ones taking the biggest hit are those who like to buy their tickets on a walk-up basis and their plight does not concern me. With the exception of the people sitting in the Loge, every STH who is seeing an increase has the option to relocate to a section where their price will be exactly the same that it was last year. They also have the chance to move closer to the ice as well in exchange for giving up the view that they were accustomed to. Or the STH can move closer to the ice in their usual section in exchange for an increase in price.

If anything this makes pricing tickets more simplified and those who are sitting closer to the ice in their preferred sections (I'm in Row A, I can't get any closer) will not see an increase in price.



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