Friday, April 20, 2007

My Last and Only Word About VT

Let me say that what happened in Blacksburg has nothing to do with bullying, laughing at the kid, campus Admin and police response, and it has even less to do with gun control (on a side note, Jim Moron is a scumbag and an embarrassment, but what else is new?).

Please don't waste your time trying to figure this Cho kid out or decipher the meaning of "Ismail Ax." (The meaning isn't that hard to find if you're willing to accept certain truths, but even then, it is pointless to the larger picture).

This kid was quite simply a sociopath. You aren't going to be able rationalize him or his actions because he was and his actions were both irrational. You can't rationalize with an irrational person. It is pointless trying to conform society to the views of irrational people.

Furthermore it isn't illegal to be crazy. There are tons of crazy people out there who never harm themselves or anybody else. We tried locking them up against their will before, but even then, it didn't stop them from committing their crimes. This my friends is the cost of a free society.

Finally, let me say that if I had more than just one orange t-shirt in my wardrobe, I would be joining the Orange and Maroon Effect today.


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