Saturday, January 06, 2007

Caps vs. Thrashers 1-6-2007 Post-Mortem

While I was well enough to fly home, I was feeling tired even before tonight's game so here's an abbreviated Battle Damage Assessment.

  • As far as I am concerned, Atlanta is now officially a thug hockey team. They were running around looking for all sorts of fights tonight and continuing to take cheap shots at every turn. Donald Brashear had has hands full with all the Thrasher players running from him. But the funny thing was, it hardly deterred them.
  • While the third period makes the case seem weak, tonight was a poorly officiated hockey game. Rob Martell and Brad Meier only kept control of this game because the score remained so close. Had the margin opened up, so would have the ugliness.
  • For better or for worse, the Caps seem to be "getting back" to their "pretty passing plays" in order to set up highlight reel goals. This was a huge problem of the pre-firesale/lockout Caps and I see it starting to creep back in again. While there are talented players on the team who can pull it off, there are whole lines of players who shouldn't be doing it yet seem to be. The garbage goals count just as much the highlight reel goals do.
  • If anybody has any complaints about the crowd tonight, they clearly were not at the game. And for those who still complain about the Southeast Division, well, stuff it. Rivalries aren't started overnight. Oh, and while the building wasn't sold out, it was because the Thrasher fans didn't bother to order up the Southwest or Delta Airlines SuperSaver but it was loud and as alive as it has been for any Flyers, Rangers, or Penguin Scum game that I've ever been too.
  • Finally, I don't care that he continues to score against us, Glen Metropolit still sucks and we were still right to get rid of him.

It has been... A TWO POINT NIGHT!!!!!



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