Friday, January 05, 2007

Another Worthy Cause

Well, we won't know until Tuesday if we were able to sufficiently able to stuff A.O. into the starting lineup for the NHL All-Star Game. Our attempts to crown Testudo the Mascot Challenge Winner seems to have come up short though we are demanding a Democratesque recount (recount and recount until we have the results we want) in that case.

However there is one big injustice that still to this day demands correction and the sooner this injustice is corrected, the better. We're going to need all guns on deck for this one and unfortunately, computer hackers won't do us much good.

Plain and simple folks, Former Washington Redskins Wide Receiver Art Monk deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and one incredibly New York biased writer, Peter King, has fought to keep him out.

A great case has been made for Art Monk and click here to view it. Please spread the word, voting takes place right before the Super Bowl in February. That link has also taken the place of the Ballot Box Stuffing and will remain there until it either dies or the injustice is corrected. I'll be posting the YouTube videos individually and commenting further on the cause myself as the vote gets closer.

And for those who are following the current status of my health, I'm flying back to D.C. tonight on the redeye. I plan on being at the Caps-Thrashers game tomorrow night.


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