Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Fool A His Money...

Check out this eBay auction.

Now, I am not the type to do this, but if I had the time and the materials, I could print my own copy of the ticket for Club 3, Row 22, Seat 14 and I would have a pretty good chance of getting into the stadium right when it opens up because I have the right bar code for that seat. Furthermore, whoever buys these tickets will find that particular ticket giving the ticket scanners at the gates all sorts of fits as the bar code would register as having been already scanned.

So instead of buying just two tickets for $20K, you're basically buying one ticket for $20K and a huge headache to go with it because you know that Ohio State officials are aware of this situation as well. I wonder just how many copies of that ticket are going to show up in Columbus on Saturday.
Thanks to the Sports Bog for the tip off on this Einstein...


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