Monday, November 13, 2006

Anaheim Makes Some Moves

Today Anaheim made three trades in an attempt to clear some cap space. It has been oddly quiet on the trade front in the NHL with only two other trades being made since the season started. (And those were minor league deals.)

The reason for this? Well there are plenty of teams who have to be unhappy with their records right now (*COUGH* Philly *COUGH*) but welcome to the wonderful world of the NHL salary cap.

Those who complained that players are going to be moving more frequently forgot just how much cap restraints play in the equation. You hardly see trades in the NFL anymore and from the looks of things, as teams cap themselves out (or come really, really close to it) players are more likely to move via Free Agency during the off season than they will by trade during the season. While Anaheim might be up to something big, expect these quiet periods to get longer and longer in the "new NHL."


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