Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Smorgasbord 10-1

  • Well, the Mets just wouldn't cooperate and completed a sweep today in Frank Robinson's 5000th and final Major League Baseball game in a uniform. Frank gave a moving speech before the game repeatedly thanking the fans of Washington, D.C. and said that there were still things he wanted to do. Kudos to the Lerners for giving Frank the sendoff he deserves. Let's hope that they can find a meaningful place in the organization for Frank. It was also nice to see the number of signs for Frank thanking him and expressing love for him by the fans of both Washington and New York.
  • With the loss today the Nats finish off the season 71-91, 26 games out of first place in the NL East. The Nationals were 17 games out of the NL Wild Card. Only the Devil Rays, Royals, Cubs, Pirates, and B.O.'s had worse records than the Nationals did this season and as a result, the Nationals will have the sixth overall pick in the 2007 entry draft. The crowd of 29,044 today gives the Nationals 2,153,150 for the season. 100 less than the B.O.'s and 538,973 less than last season.
  • How about them Redskins? Santana Moss's 68 yard touchdown catch in overtime should put the naysayers who had written them off for dead to rest. The Redskins were 3 point underdogs heading into this game at home and not only won, but did things to Jacksonville that no other team had done this season. Now, I'm not making reservations for Miami yet (and even if they did make the Super Bowl, I couldn't afford to go) but the Redskins are a far cry from what they were doing in the pre-season and the first couple of weeks of the season. Sonny Jurgeson was saying on the radio how the Redskins are starting to use their full bag of tricks. And so far, the only ones who look to able to contain them are the Redskins themselves.
  • Congratulations once again to D.C. United, who won the MLS Supporter's Shield last night despite their 1-0 loss to Houston because of Dallas' loss at Columbus. Now at 15-5-10, D.C. can now take use their last two regular season games to fine tune and rest players for the playoffs. D.C.'s first round opponent still has not been determined, but New England joined D.C. and Chicago in the Eastern Conference playoffs which means that Kansas City, New York, and Columbus will fight it out for the final playoff spot in the East.
  • The Caps wrapped up their preseason with a 4-2 loss to Carolina at home earlier today. Jamie "Home Run" Heward and Ben "What A" Clymer scored for the Caps who finished off the preseason at 3-3. If I get around to it, I'll do a comprehensive preview of the Caps upcoming season this week. The Caps still have cuts to make and could make some trades. But they won't be getting Malakov's salary cap hit from the Devils, that went to San Jose.
  • This in from the Shameless Self-Promotion Department; in a Washington (Com)Post article earlier today, Ted Leonsis recommended this blog. Thanks Ted, I'm glad you enjoy the site. I hope to keep this going for awhile.
  • And on that note, this week the Caps open up the 2006-2007 NHL hockey season in New York taking on the Rangers on Thursday night at 7pm. The Caps then open up the home slate on Saturday night vs. Carolina at 7pm with the obligatory F Street Festival before the game and all fans will get a fan scroll (whatever that is...). The Redskins travel to the swamps of Joisey to take on the Jints next Sunday at 1pm and the Terps will visit Georgia Tech on Saturday for a 3:30pm kickoff on ESPNU (available only at sports bars around the country). D.C. United hosts New England on Saturday night at RFK Stadium for a 7:30 pm kickoff.
  • As always, please send all comments, criticisms, complaints, questions, suggestions, and 15 page National Security Decision Making Strategic Security Forces paper topic ideas to "capsnut" over at gmail dot com. If I can remember to check that e-mail box, I just might read your e-mail and should I ever get rid of this cold, you could just get a response.



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