Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two More Down, Four To Go

The Caps held practice yesterday in Hershey before leaving for Philadelphia for tonight's preseason game against the Flyers. Before departing Hershey, the Caps left behind Pete Vandermeer and Chad Wiseman.

The roster is now down to 27 players so at least four more cuts will be made. Something tells me that McPhee is going to make a move before opening night to acquire a player from a team in salary cap trouble.

And there's also confirmation that outside food and drink are no longer allowed into the Phone Booth. "Industry standard" and "safety concerns" my left foot. It is about $$$$$. If you want to goose your concession sales, how about serving food that people want to eat and charge prices people can afford? I understand the rationale behind the $7 beer (they don't want people getting drunk, driving away, and then suing them for negligence) but what is the excuse for the $4 hot dog, $5 French Fries, $3 pretzel, and $6 nachos?


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