Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A.O. Fights

What was Donald Brashear brought in for? A.O. got into his first NHL fight last night. Seriously, why is A.O. dropping the gloves? One of the nice things about this team last year was that everybody stuck up for each other. When that scumbag Ryan Whitney of the Pittsburgh Penguins speared A.O. in the gonads (or when anybody else took liberties with A.O. or any other Cap for that matter) the players held a team meeting in that scumbag's face. While it is nice to see A.O. standing up for Jakub Klepis, that isn't his job and I think I am on fairly safe ground saying that A.O. is the last player we want standing up for a team mate.

Oh and if anybody cares, the Caps beat the Flyers 6-1 in yet another penalty filled contest. (So much for cutting down on the penalties.)

I respect that Glen Hanlon wants to hold Brashear from playing the Flyers until the games really count, but the guy can't protect the star player from known thuggish teams unless he's on the ice. If Brashear sits, then A.O. sits too. This is preseason; the Caps don't need to ring up injuries to their star players they the Redskins did with Clinton Portis and Shawn Springs.

In other news, the much ballyhooed broadband video broadcast of the game last night never happened. Also, as you heard here first, A.O. will not only throw out the first pitch tonight, he'll take batting practice and sign autographs along with Matt "Omar" Bradley, Brashear, Captain Chris Clark, Steve Eminger, Jamie Heward, Brian Pothier, and Brian Sutherby.


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