Saturday, September 30, 2006

Caps Back on WTEM

Well, mostly....

After spending all of last year on WTNT, the Caps have officially moved back to WTEM. As in the past, when WTEM decides to carry something else, the Caps will move to a sister station, this year being WTNT.

While it is nice that WTEM will attempt to force Brain Mitchell and John Thompson to talk about the Caps at least once week along with having Thompson do his show from the Phone Booth before a Caps game once a month, neither one of those guys are well versed in hockey and the rest of the station seems to hate hockey and their fans.

I understand that the economics of the game right now precludes any attempt to take the Caps elsewhere on the radio dial (like say, WTWP where the Nats reside or WJFK where the Redskins used to be) and this is a smart move for WTEM. With Dan Snyder starting his own all Redskins all the time radio station, WTEM has stiff competition in that department now. It can't hurt WTEM to actually cover some of the other teams in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Of course, should Snyder's experiment fail (which I doubt it will), there's no doubt that WTEM will return to the all Redskins all the time format.

Now if we only could do something about Steve Kolbe...


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