Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Season Previews Part II

Today's contestant is Michael Rushton of the Sports Network:

Here we have another writer who is downright offended that the Caps did not go out into the free agent market and attempt to purchase every single big name UFA on the market. He is also blissfully unaware that Ben Clymer is attempting to move back to his natural defenseman position.

But the most damning comment of his is his quip about low budget and low ticket sales. First of all, the Caps aren't anywhere near the salary floor. Secondly after "The Goal", the smallest home crowd the Caps played in front of was 11,021 (vs. the Islanders on Monday March 6th) in 17 home games. In the 25 games before "The Goal" the Caps played in front of crowds smaller than 11,021 five times (one of those being against the Islanders). Admittedly, "The Goal" came after the Redskins season ended. But the trends were clear; the Caps weren't drawing much until A.O. put an end to the rookie race. The Caps have been promoting A.O. since then and while the on-ice product won't live up to some people's standards, the Caps should be selling more tickets this year than last.

After all, they brought back fan favorite, Richard Zednik too.

But my real question, who has ever heard of The Sports Network? If their editors are this bad, no wonder I've never heard of them.


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