Friday, September 29, 2006

Caps Cut Two More, Kono Retires.

Dave Fay seems to be happy with the muscle left in Caps camp after Tomas Fleishmann and Jeff Schultz were sent to Hershey. Both guys got caught in a numbers crunch behind veterans. Fleishmann with the returns of Alexander Semin and Richard Zednik and Schultz with the move of Ben Clymer from the wing back to the blueline and the late addition of John Erskine.

Two more cuts are scheduled to be made now, provided that George McPhee decides not to help out teams in salary cap jail. Maybe something to read into or maybe not, was that Kris Beech was at the Nats game on Wednesday night with other members of the team. Beech wasn't scheduled to be there and was filling in for Donald Brashear. I don't think the Caps would have him doing P.R. like that if he wasn't going to make the team, but I could be wrong.

(Going off on a rant, maybe next time I'll remember to check the batteries in my camera so I can take more than two pictures after spending a half hour trying to warm the batteries up and rotating them in the camera to coax more power out of them. I blame my cold for the stupidity...)

And finally, unlike Zednik, Cap fans won't have any cheerful returns for Steve Konowalchuk as Konowalchuk announced his retirement today. Kono was hard working player and certainly would have been at home with the type of the team that the Caps had last year. It was disappointing when he couldn't participate in the 2002 Olympics in his hometown of Salt Lake City, but his 13 year career is nothing to be ashamed of.


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