Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Preseason Game Post-Mortem

Don't expect a lot of great insight in this post-mortem. First of all, it's pre-season the intensity of the game tonight was severely lacking. Tonight's game made mid-December Intra-conference games look downright exciting. So there wasn't much on the ice to get my attention. Secondly, I freely admit to spending most of the time catching up with my buddy TIMM-MAHY! whom recently went into business for himself and has been traveling a lot as a result.

Ok, the Caps lost 3-2 in overtime. It's preseason, so what?



  • Our Power Play still needs work. Rumors of a renaissance are greatly exaggerated.
  • The Penalty Kill also needs work. I like the idea of A.O. on the PK, but at the end of it to catch tired and pressing players, not in the middle.
  • A.O. took a shot to the knee in the third period. I thought Donald Brashear was supposed to prevent these kinds of things from happening? A.O. shook it off and didn't look too much worse for the wear.


  • Dunderhead NHL players still haven't figured out the "new rules" yet. A ton of penalties were called.
  • Not only did Brashear fail to protect A.O. from a cheapshot, he also failed to provide his obligatory preseason fight for the fans.
  • Idiot fans behind me copying what few jokes I was willing to let fly too often. Bad jokes are funny once a game, not 15,000 times.
  • Grizzly Adams still sitting behind me, a least he too was quiet tonight because it was preseason.

I don't have much else to add. I picked up my season ticket holder gift tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was an honest to goodness A.O. hockey stick. If I was retarded enough, I could tape the thing up and play hockey with it. It was also hand signed as comparing the autograph with other A.O. stick you could see minor variations in the writing.

I was also made aware of a rumor that outside food and drink are no longer allowed into the Verizon Center. I cannot confirm this as I was a retard and left my soda bottle for the game in the refrigerator at work. However, if this is the case, I will have to register my objection and ask the The Boss why. Because per Doctor's orders, (or at least my interpretation of them) I no longer drink caffeinated and fully sugared soft drinks anymore. The Phone Booth does not offer these types of beverages.



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