Friday, September 22, 2006

A.O. A Dancing Fool?

Well, as I said Wednesday night, Donald Brashear didn't do his job. Sorry, I don't buy the precaution stuff because Alexander Semin was down for a ten count and practiced yesterday. Why was A.O. held out? We were told that Clinton Portis would be ready for the regular season and heaven only knows what is going on with that one.

Anyway, in other news, Princess feels he belongs.

I came across this piece from Fox Sports the other day. I find it interesting that they pegged Dainius Zubrus as the most likely Cap to be moved. Personally, I think Richard Zednik is the most likely trade bait. Like Zoobbie-doobie-doo, Zed is in the final year of his contract. Zed also makes more $$$$$ and is older than Zoobbie-doobie-doo.

Plus the Caps have already traded Zednik once. We're still waiting on that imminent Zubrus for Hrdina trade...


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