Thursday, January 10, 2008

Open Mouth, Insert Foot, Wonder Why The NHL Doesn't Get Anywhere

In today's sanitized PC world, you have to admire a guy like Bobby Clarke for speaking his mind.

We've known all along that the sacrosanct "Code" is really a "Crock" and Clarke only provides more evidence to this fact.

And there's really no point in getting outraged by his comments supporting Steve Downie's sucker punch of Jason Blake. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that it is a violation of the The Crock because Blake had no chance to defend himself.

Nope, the only reason to mention this in its own posting is that the Ultimate Fighting On Ice (UFOI) fans like to equivocate fighting in the NHL by saying, "well, the thuggish behavior is confined to the ice in the NHL and is only business. The thuggish behavior in the NBA and NFL extends off the playing surface as well and is usually personal." Ok, that's fine but tell me how is this situation any different from the street thuggery commonly seen? It's "ok" for Downie to sucker punch Blake because Blake "dissed" him in the media? A couple of weeks ago in my old neighborhood, a man was killed because another man thought he was pointing at him.

I guess Blake was lucky Downie didn't think he was pointing at him. I could only imagine what Downie would have been allowed to do to Blake under The Crock if that had happened but it would not have been pretty. It would have been "business as usual" in the NHL.



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