Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Gibbs Retires Again

Well, it's the big news around here today, the second retirement of Redskins Head Coach Joe Gibbs.

While there are some who believe that his second stint tarnished his legacy, they forget what a mess the organization was before he arrived in 2004. While Gibbs' record for his second tour of duty was not nearly as good as it was the first time around, neither was the talent Gibbs was given to work with. The fact that Gibbs did as well as he did and his players are all willing to follow him is a testament to how good of a coach he is, even if this record wasn't as good as people thought it would be. He made and won a game in the playoffs with a breaking down Mark Brunell at quarterback. You could see where Gibbs was taking this team and had they put their efforts into addressing their woeful offensive line, IMHO they would have been where they wanted to be in about 2-3 years.

Though above all, Gibbs should be given credit for bringing sanity and stability to a franchise that desperately needed it. Should Gregg Williams take over as expected, that stability and sanity is likely to remain. But thanks to our "diversify or die crowd" there is uncertainty about that because the Skins are required by the NFL to interview minority candidates. So who knows what the search will bring.

But in the meantime, I think Dan Steinberg says it best. Gibbs had nothing left to prove. Even if he came back next season and won the Super Bowl, it wouldn't have made him a better person. And at his point in life, there are things that are much more important that winning football games in the NFL.

It is a perspective we all could use.



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