Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday Smorgasbord 1-6

  • Are you one of those who think the media does not have their own agenda? Think that claims of a "media bias" is just somebody who is upset over "having their ox gored"? Well, here's a prime example of the "unbiased" media offering a slant. I've seen the Redskins trip to the playoffs this year being described as their "second trip in eight years" and even "third trip in fifteen years." Now are either of those statements false? No. But "second trip in three years" is just as accurate. All three statements are true but two of them have a clear negative slant while one has a positive spin. So please don't ever tell me that the media, even the sports writers, don't have some kind of bias in their reporting, even when they are reporting simple facts.
  • And speaking of the Redskins in the playoffs this year, it came to a quick end yesterday in a 35-14 loss to Seattle. While I have to marvel at the number the zebras did on the Redskins (two of Seattle's touchdowns should have been called back and there were bad spots given the the Skins at critical times) the game also glaringly showed how bad the Redskins offensive line is. As a former offensive lineman myself, I can tell you that after a quarterback you like gets hurt, you step up your play when the backup comes in. However, the O-line reverted to form and got beaten badly all day yesterday.
  • While I am on record as saying I didn't think the Redskins "deserved" to be in the playoffs, I have to say I am happy that they made it because it should put to bed the nonsense that the game has passed Joe Gibbs by. It is clear that this team is no where near as talented as the ones he had during his first stint but the Skins have now made the playoffs twice in his four years (see that media bias again?). But as Rick "Doc" Walker astutely observed, the Atlanta Falcons had their best player arrested before training camp and went totally in the tank. The Redskins had their best player murdered in the middle of the season and went on a tear. I'm interested to know just who could have done with these teams what Joe Gibbs has. Please, if Gibbs is the problem, there must be some coach out there who is the answer so now the ball is in your court, who could have done a better job than Joe Gibbs with this team?
  • It looks as if my Christmas wish was answered in Montreal yesterday as various accounts credit Mr. Donald Brashear for getting the Caps on track in the first intermission of yesterday's game. There is a reason he has an "A" on his chest and while his hockey skills are limited, at least he was able to get things going. Hopefully more leaders will emerge in the locker room.
  • I didn't get a chance to watch much of the Orange Bowl but am I the only one who found Kenny Albert and Darryl Johnston's calling of the game much improved without Tony Siragusa dragging them down?
  • This week, the Caps have a light load as they play just one game on Wednesday night at home against the Colorado Avalanche at 7 pm. They then return to action on Sunday when they host the Philadelphia Flyers in a 1 pm matinee game. The Terp Men wrap up their non-conference schedule when they host Holy Cross on Tuesday night. They then resume ACC play when they visit Virginia Tech on Saturday afternoon. The Terp Women head up to Boston College on Thursday night.
  • As always, please send all comments, criticisms, corrections, suggestions, questions, and King Cakes to "capsnut" over at gmail dot com.



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