Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NFL Toughening Up

Those well-known purveyors of violence, the National Football League, very quietly last week continued their longstanding tradition of making their game increasingly tougher by mandating the ejection of players for flagrant helmet-to-helmet contact in addition to the 15 yard penalty along with the fines and suspensions that are handed down by the League's Front Office.

In other news, after a rash of injuries and suspensions, the NHL is being encouraged by certain well respected voices in the media to look into making the dasher boards and Plexiglas that surrounds the rink "softer" and "more giving" for when hockey players are run into the boards by opposing players, decreasing the likelyhood of injury. Kinda like what NASCAR did when they introduced the "SAFER Barriers" in their tracks in an attempt to cut down on the injuries and deaths their drivers were suffering because of crashes.

How the NHL can continue to survive with the people looking to take the "emotion," "passion," and "intensity" out of the game while the NFL becomes more and more gladiator-like is beyond me...

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