Thursday, September 06, 2007

Just Make Up Your Mind Already

If I were an Anaheim Thug Ducks fan, I would be livid after today's Scott Niedermayer press conference.

So the guy needs to hold a presser to inform everybody that he still hasn't made a decision on the upcoming season yet??? I swear, I saw this as a SNL Sketch many years ago (or maybe it was a Chuck Hagel presser a couple of months ago)...

And where may I ask is the great leadership of the team in General Manager Brian Burke? Why hasn't he drawn a line the sand with Niedermayer who is occupying $6.750 million of cap space? At this late stage, the Thug Ducks would be unable to easily replace Niedermayer, but they are handcuffed by his indecision because they don't much room to maneuver under the cap with Niedermayer in place. The Thug Ducks have no clue as to which way they should go because of the Niedermayer's indecision and Burke's spinelessness and it never a good thing.

Should Niedermayer not retire and show up late, the Thug Ducks will know which direction they can go. However, he'll be way behind the curve and is more likely to be a hindrance than a help to the team This is yet another reason why Burke should draw a line in the sand with the guy.

Great leadership qualities all round out there.



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