Monday, August 13, 2007

They Fired Joe Theismann in Favor of This???

I was just watching the endless morning loop of ESPN's Sportscenter and in their preview of tonight's Monday Night Football preseason game in San Francisco, Tony Kornheiser said that he was more interested in what 49ers head coach Mike Nolan will be wearing on the sidelines tonight than anything else.

Say what you want about Joe Theismann in the booth but there's no way you'll ever convince me that he is/was worse than Tony Kornheiser. But this is par for the ESPN course. Forget "all sizzle and no steak", it's just nothing but all schlock all the time.

Furthermore, I'm not alone in complaining about ESPN's coverage of the D.C. United-L.A. Galaxy game last week. D.C. United players are upset as well and they very well should be. They played a great game in front of a large audience and got zip in the way of attention. I can only imagine just how upset they would be if they had seen the entire broadcast of the game and not just the 30 second highlight package the next day.

And remember folks, this is the network that a majority of NHL Owners and fans think can take the NHL to the "promised land."



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