Monday, August 06, 2007

No Ego Trip Here

IF I was rather egotistical about this blog I could very easily think that Larry Brooks reads this blog and is reacting to what I write about him. How else could you explain his opening sentence yesterday? Seriously, in less than a year I've caught Ol' Lar talking out of both sides of his mouth in just one column let alone within a month of columns. For Ol' Lar to openly admit that what he writes one week has no bearing on what he'll write in the future is an amazing admission. Somebody, somewhere had to have gotten to him and pointed this out.

However, I've seen my website's traffic numbers and I have no illusions about "the power of the blogsphere" so I know Ol' Lar public wiping of the egg off his face had nothing to do with me. (and for the record, I am fine with that)

But that doesn't mean we still can't rip Ol' Lar for attempting to equivocate Kevin Lowe's offer sheet lunacy. Maybe when Marcel Hossa uses the Vanek and Penner offer sheets against the Rangers in arbitration, Ol' Lar will change his tune. Because those contracts from Lowe WILL spiral player salaries to an extent and you'll see more Michel Ouellets, Karel Rachuneks, and Adam Halls to "correct" the problem under the cap.

I do give Ol' Lar credit though, he wants the players to get as much $$$$$ from the owners as they possibly can. His disdain for Martin Broduer for is well known but his silence for the Ouellets, Rachuneks, and Halls of the NHL shows he's only worried about the paychecks of the star players and nobody else.

What great guy... Don't you see why I just love unions???

And of course from the "Those Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones" File, yes I'm going to get on Ol' Lar (though his editors deserve a fair amount of shame) for letting this nice and confusing double negative slide on by:

Such a move is not only not outside the spirit of the CBA, it is codified by the labor agreement.

You got that right???

Finally I would be remiss if I didn't point out that when Ol' Lar first attacked Lowe, I questioned Edmonton's need for a goaltender. None of Lowe's attempted signings this summer have been of a defensive nature and I laid out how most teams aren't going to pay a guy $3 million+ to sit on the bench in a baseball cap. For all the praise Ol' Lar got for his "exposure" of the Lowe-Sather friendship the first time around, I have to wonder why nobody else picked up on this glaring hole in Ol' Lar's theory???

I can't be THAT insightful can I???



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