Friday, August 03, 2007

Fair Is Fair

Last year I took Dan Snyder to task for having the audacity to charge $25 per car for parking at the Redskins-Ratbirds scrimmage in Landover despite advertising "FREE ADMISSION!"

Well, Ratbirds owner Steve Bisciotti is doing him one better, not only is he charging for parking he's also charging for admission to the Redskins-Ratbirds scrimmage in Bhawlmuher.

Yes, I do see the fine print about "all net ticket proceeds going to the Ratbirds All Community Foundation." Operative word is "net" and even if all the $$$$$ is going off to charity, it still takes gonads to charge admission for a controlled scrimmage.

It is bad enough that the NFL charges full price for meaningless and worthless preseason games, but for these franchises to charge any kind of admission for glorified practices is even more outrageous. At least I can get a full tax write-off on the preseason games I have to buy.

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