Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Navy Ducking Maryland?

At least week's MGN kickoff party, Maryland Athletic Director Debbie Yow bluntly said that Navy had 8 weeks to agree to a rematch of the 2005 Maryland-Navy game in Bhawlmuher in 2010 or the offer would be off the table. Yow said that Maryland was offering Navy the exact same deal, a 50-50 split of tickets and revenue from the game and two years ago, Ralph Friedgen mentioned that it had the potential to be an extra bowl game for both football programs with the added bonus that Maryland wouldn't have to share any of the payout with the ACC (all ACC Bowl payouts are evenly distributed among the ACC schools).

Today we find out why Navy is dragging their feet and does anybody really feel sorry for these guys?

First of all, let's look at this from Maryland's perspective, you have a choice between going to Charlotte, NC in December or Orlando, FL in December, where would you want to go? You have a choice between a game with a payout of $750K per team or a payout or $2.250 million per team. (while all ACC schools share the bowl payouts, the larger the bowl payout, the larger budget a team has for traveling to the game)

Personally, I don't see what Navy's problem is and I wouldn't blame them for a second if they made the same decisions that Maryland did which includes going where the players wanted to go. If Navy honestly thinks the Terps snubbed them last year, why haven't they signed the deal to play in Bhawlmuher in two years and lock in a game on the schedule that the Terps can't back out of?

But Navy's AD want to play the victim card here and as a result, they aren't going to get a game with Maryland anytime soon. Too bad that a potential win-win situation here gets passed up.



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