Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Take Your Record And...

Watching the Nats-Giants game last night, you could tell very early on that Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds* was going to hit a home run and break the record of Hank Aaron. Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds* was "locked in" as they say and with Felipe Lopez, Austin Kearns, Brian Schneider, and Bengie Molina all hitting homers ahead of Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds*, you knew the ball was flying out of AT&T Park.

Now let me first say that Bud Selig should be left alone. Yes, the guy is a National Disgrace and the sooner he steps down as MLB Commissioner, the better. However when it comes to Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds*, Selig is in a no-win situation. By "ho-humming" the chase and the achievement, Selig is getting ripped for snubbing and slighting Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds*. However had Selig gone out and been the lead cheerleader for Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds*, Selig would be getting ripped for promoting a cheater and a fraud by the same people who are ripping him for snubbing and slighting Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds*.

And don't think for a second that Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds* doesn't have his cheerleaders and people quick to say "innocent until proven guilty" to begin with. However, this isn't a court of law where innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt applies. This is the court of public opinion and the rules are entirely different. But I have to wonder what the "innocent until proven guilty" ostriches think of Orenthal James Simpson? He was acquitted of murdering his wife and an unfortunate soul in 1995. I also question their "innocent until proven guilty" attitude as it relates to WWE Owner Vince McMahon who was acquitted of steroid distribution in 1994 (a fact he proudly wears on his chest ) in light of the recent Benoit family tragedy. Scooter Libby was convicted of perjury based entirely upon "he said-she said" evidence while Marion Barry was acquitted of using crack cocaine despite being caught on video using the drug. Our legal system sometimes leaves a whole lot to be desired.

It takes a special kind of dense to look at all the available evidence in this case and still believe that Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds* did not take steroids. The fact that his trainer and other close associates sit in jail while he's under investigation himself is pretty damning. And even if you try to take it half way and believe Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds* when he says "he didn't know" he still IMHO has a responsibility to take responsibility for his actions.

Instead Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds* likes to play the victim card while he pursues his own personal glory. Make no mistake, what happened last night wasn't about the San Francisco Giants as a baseball team. It was all about Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds* as he came out of the game after breaking the record in the fifth inning. Did you know that the Nats ended up winning last night? One can only wonder just how the game would have turned out had Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds* stayed in and played the entire game. As stated before, he was "locked in" going 3 for 3, scoring three runs, and needing just a triple to complete the cycle. But nope, it was party time for Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds*, and his team lost for the 63rd time, 2 more times than what was supposed to be the worst team ever assembled in the history of Major League Baseball.

Finally, not only is Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds* chemically enhanced, it turns out he's also mechanically enhanced too (I found that on Drudge Monday), but hey, we're all just jealous or racist or Yankee fans right? And so Mike Bacsik becomes the footnote to history and graciously as well. Personally I would have walked Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds* but I don't get to make those executive decisions.

At least now the circus is over and the Nats and Giants can get back to playing and worrying about nothing but baseball. Maybe the Giants can find a way to make a run to improve their record now that Big Head BALCO Barry Bonds* has his precious record. It's too late for either team to challenge for the playoffs but the least they can do is to play hard for the rest of the season instead of phoning it in like I suspect a certain player will.

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