Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Smorgasbord 1-7

  • It is old news that Colton Orr got a 5 game suspension for delivering a cross-check to the face of A.O. What Orr should have done if he was having a problem with A.O. was spear him in the gonads. It is also, sadly, old news that scumbags Ryan Whitney and Daniel Briere did not get suspended at all for doing exactly that. What makes us think that Orr would have been treated any differently had he done the same thing?
  • Before the season, there were some Redskins who said anything less than a Super Bowl would be a disappointment. Well, winning only 5 games is a disappointing season no matter what unless you're the Arizona Cardinals. As is normally the case with teams that fail to meet lofty expectations, fingers are being pointed in all directions but give Head Coach Joe Gibbs credit, he's standing up and asking to take all the blame. Remedies abound from hiring a real GM (not a bad idea) to building through the draft (will take longer than most Redskins fans are willing to wait) to getting rid of this, that, and the other guy. But how about some health and a real offensive line? The season got off to a bad start when Clinton Portis got hurt in the first preseason game and was rushed back into the lineup. The injuries didn't stop there as Shawn Springs was in and out of the lineup all season. Yeah, bad cap management prevented quality depth from being built but the salary cap does that to just about every team in the league.
  • One final thought about the Redskins, I notice the derision of the Redskins constantly being declared "Champions of the Offseason." Well, who bestows that title anyway? Food for thought there folks.
  • And speaking of titles, the College Football National Title will be handed out tomorrow night. Much of course is being made about Boise State's "stunning" OT victory over the Oklahoma Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl. Much like George Mason's run to the Final Four last year, too much is being made of this. The Fiesta Bowl was Boise State's "National Title Game" while for Oklahoma, it was a glorified exhibition game (English translation= meaningless). Give Boise State credit, they wanted to win more than Oklahoma and did. But does this mean that Boise State is better than Oklahoma or that Boise State deserves some sort of shot at the winner of the Ohio State-Florida game? Don't make me laugh. Oklahoma played about as bad of a football game as they could have played, yet Boise State still needed overtime and gimmick and trick plays to pull off the win. Oklahoma was turning the ball over, missing tackles, dropping passes (on both sides of the ball), and, as mentioned before, treated the game as the meaningless exhibition that it was. If OU played like this against Texas, the Sooners wouldn't even be in the game at halftime. It was clear to people without any axes to grind who watched the whole game who the better, more talented team was. Go ahead, live in your little dream world and put Boise State on the field with Ohio State, see just how quickly the game gets out of hand. Remember, George Mason lost 78-53 to Florida in the national semifinals.
  • One final thing about Boise State, I know you're happy that you won, and it is great that your girlfriend is a cheerleader, but show some class and propose somewhere other than on a football field.
  • Funny how things work. When Donovan McNabb went down injured, everybody wrote the Iggles off for dead and since Jeff Garcia has taken over, the Iggles have won their division (with the help of an immense Dallas collapse) and are now in the second round of the playoffs. This of course has all the great making of a classic quarterback controversy. Of course, how far all of that gets remains to be seen, but since losing his return against the Colts, Garcia has yet to lose a game. While the Iggles aren't going to win the Super Bowl, Philly has a tough question to answer heading into next season. Maybe Rush was right. Maybe McNabb has been overrated by those who want him to be successful. How else do you explain the Iggles rise without him?
  • And speaking of Philly, the Caps face the Flyers for the final time this season on Tuesday night at the Phone Booth at 7 pm. The Caps then head down for a pair of games in Florida starting on Thursday night in Tampa vs. the Ning and then in Sunrise vs. the Panthers on Saturday night with both road games starting at 7:30 pm. The Terp Men resume their ACC schedule by hosting Miami on Wednesday night at 9 pm and Clemson on Saturday afternoon at 2 pm on ESPNU (available only in sportsbars around the country).
  • As always, please send all questions, comments, corrections, suggestions, criticisms, and New Year's resolutions to "capsnut" over at gmail dot com.



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