Saturday, December 02, 2006

Caps vs. Buffaslugs 12-2-2006 Preview

Washington Capitals (10-15; 26 points) vs. Buffalo Sabres (20-5; 42 points):
Caps Game #26, Home Game #13, NHL Game #386

Verizon Center, Washington, D.C. 8:05 pm. Washington TV: Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic. Radio: WTNT 570-AM. Buffalo TV: MSG. Radio: WWGR 550-AM. NHL Center Ice: Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic feed.

Tonight the Caps are in trouble. They face what so far this season has been the best team in the Eastern Conference. The closest team in the Eastern Conference to the Buffaslugs is the Atlanta Thrashers and the Caps are oh-for-season against them. The Buffaslugs have a 6 point lead on the Thrashers after last night's gimmick win over the Rangers

What The Natives Are Saying:

(Com)Post (CAUTION: Same gruesome color photo from yesterday) Times (over 100, well, that's a start). pdf game notes.

Open Source Intelligence:

Buffalo News: Just good enough to win, Rookie debut, Sabres-Caps preview. pdf game notes.

Neutral Views: AP Wire.

What Do I Expect Tonight?:

Well, I expect a Phone Booth full of various New Yorkers wearing jerseys with the names "Hasek", "Mogilny", and "Lafontaine" on the back to make a total nuisance of themselves tonight. This despite the fact that their city has not won a Major Professional Sports Championship ever and a certain former Cap (who started his NHL career there BTW) once told us Fan Club members that he would recommend against traveling there for a visit. But on the ice the Caps are in similar trouble. While the Buffaslugs may not feel like they're playing well, they're still winning and in some cases huge. Add in the historical trouble the Caps have had beating this team (30-70-15 all time), and this doesn't look very promising. There is no way the Caps can have their usual lapses and still win this hockey game tonight. Hades, they could play the perfect game and still lose this by three goals.

Caps Nut Official Washington Predict The Score Contest Entry:

Caps 2
Buffslugs 6
Winner by Pominville



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