Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Caps @ Ning 11-28-2006 Wrap Up

The Local Yokels:

(Com)Post ??(Olie Kolzig scored and Alexander Semin also made 48 saves? How did I miss that???). Times: Goals in strange places, Caps Report.

The Neutral Observers: AP Wire.

The Other Side:

St. Petersburg Times: They shoot, they lose, Cap relief, sellout streak snapped. Tampa Tribune: Firing on all cylinders, Cap relief again.

Final Thoughts:

Caps fans can certainly emphasize with the Ning about taking 50 shots, only getting two goals, and losing the game. It has certainly happened to us on more than one occasion. The object lesson often times is the quality of the shots, not the quantity that counts. Idiot fans who keep yelling, "SHOOT!" need to look at games like this to learn the error of their ways, but it wouldn't sink in anyway. The Caps were credited with 11 shot blocks and Tampa was credited with 20 missed shots. Adding the numbers together that's 81 shots taken by the Ning last night. Even if the quality of those 81 were low, that is still too much of a quantity. 24 down 78 to go.



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