Monday, October 16, 2006

You Call That An Apology?

Brenda Frese "cleared" of recruiting violations.

It was nothing more than sour grapes at the time the story "broke." It should be noted that Laura Harper and Crystal Langhorne were U-CON targets and that Brenda got one of them to back out of a verbal to there. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the "elite" teams of the Women's NCAA don't like having to battle "outsiders" like Maryland. However, they need to grow up. The same two freakin' teams winning everything becomes boring after awhile. Parity isn't always a bad thing.

Finally, call me crazy or whatever, but I believe that if a source gives you bad information like this, you should "out" that source in the process of apologizing because notice; it isn't "Maryland was going to be punished but talked their way out of it" it was "Maryland is going to be punished but that was just wrong information." The source of that should have to face the same scrutiny that their falsehoods brought against other people. That would only be fair.


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