Sunday, October 15, 2006

Caps vs. Thrashers 10-14-2006 Post-Mortem

"UGH!" That's all you can say about the Caps 4-3 loss to the Thrashers in overtime.

  • For the first two periods, the Caps were throwing everything they could at the net. They had 29 shots after 40 minutes. Though it should be noted, the fans who yell "SHOOT!" all bleepin' night still weren't satisfied.
  • For the most part, the Caps stayed out of the penalty box giving Atlanta only five Power Plays.
  • I won $42 in the 50-50 raffle at the Washington Capitals Fan Club meeting before the game. Ted Leonsis drew my ticket. Thanks Ted!


  • 4 goals on 31 shots for Atlanta. Tonight was not one of Olie Kolzig's better performances. The first three goals came on less than 20 shots.
  • The Power Play went 1 for 9 and blew a 1:37 (if I remember correctly) 5-on-3. The Caps seem to be falling into a habit that they've developed over the past five seasons of scoring an impressive goal on their first Power Play and then flailing around for the rest of the night. This of course, is an apt description of the Caps Power Play tonight.
  • After all the promotion, the much ballyhooed A.O. tribute was a disappointment bordering on waste of time. For those who were not able to attend the game, all you missed was the introduction of Alex's parents and brother. Ted and General Manager George McPhee then posed with A.O. and the Calder Trophy. There was a video montage and that was it.


  • After taking 29 shots in the first 30 minutes, the Caps needed over 12 minutes of the third period to get a shot on goal.
  • The second period funk that has hit the Caps through their first three games hit them hard in the third tonight.
  • For long stretches tonight the Caps looked like the team playing their third game in four nights instead of Atlanta.

All too often you see a great chance at one end of the ice going unconverted and leading to a great chance at the other end of the ice that gets converted. That's what happened to the Caps tonight in overtime. Unlike Thursday night when the Caps seemed mostly interested in getting to the gimmick, the Caps tonight at least went for the win in OT. However, we're four games into this season and I don't think you can honestly say that the Caps have played a complete game for 60 minutes yet. That is the biggest reason why so far I think that the Caps are 1-3. I don't expect much out of this season. There are going to be some more growing pains but you won't see me complain much win or lose if the Caps start playing the full 60 minutes.



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