Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In Case You Were Wondering...

... just what happens to all the hats thrown on the ice after a hat trick at a hockey game, well Dan Steinberg found out for us. This is enough to make me rethink my position regarding giving bloggers media credentials. But then again, maybe not...

I'm wondering if my hat was still in the trash bags heading to a charity when Dan went through it? It probably was, the hat I threw was the hat I wore during the 1998 Stanley Cup run. I looked at that hat Saturday night (before throwing it) and wondered why I ever wore such an ugly thing? I'm glad I threw it away for Alexander Semin's hat trick Saturday night. I hope what ever charity gets a hold of it is smart enough to throw the stupid thing away and does not try to resell it. As I said, it is ugly and not to mention dirty from me wearing it throughout that particular season.

And one final thing I want to get off my chest about this past Saturday night. I was deeply offended by the Caps fans sitting in the 100's behind the goal that the Caps shot at twice on Saturday night by their "WARD YOU SUCK!" chant. Folks, this is an NHL game so please leave your minor league hockey chants behind. If you want to heckle the goaltender go ahead and do it. Be creative like this guy or if you can't be creative, jeer him like NHL fans around the league do. I admit, the name "Cam Ward" doesn't lend itself to a sing-songy cheer like "HEXXXXX-TAAAALLLLLL HEXXXXX-TAAAALLLLLL HEXXXXX-TAAAALLLLLL!" but let's not embarras ourselves in the process. This was only game two of the season. Thanks!


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