Sunday, October 08, 2006

Caps vs. Canes 10-7-2006 Wrap-up

The Local Yokels:

(Com)Post: Semin sparks the Caps. Times: Semin, A.O. carry Caps, Caps Report. Postgame notebook.

The Neutral Observers: AP wire.

The Other Side:

Raleigh News and Observer: "W" Still elusive (What are they talking about? They're right here...), Cole still have flashbacks, Canes report. just links to the's coverage.

From the Ron Webber File:

Semin's hat trick last night was the first time in team history that a Cap scored a hat trick in a home opener. It was also the earliest in the season a Cap had registered a hat trick. Mike Ridely scored four goals vs. the Penguins on October 11th, 1988 in the Caps first road game that season and game #3 overall. The Caps lost though, 8-7. On October 14th, 1979, Dennis Maruk also scored four goals on the road vs. the New York Rangers in the Caps third game of the season as the Caps won 5-3. It has been brought to my attention that Mike Gartner's hat trick on October 10th, 1987 was the first hat trick by a Cap in the home opener. That 6-4 win over Chicago was also the second game of the season. However, Ron Webber would note that Semin's hat trick was the earliest in the calendar that a Cap registered a hat trick. Please see this post for clarification/lame excuse. Had A.O. gotten a hat trick as well, it very likely would have been the first time two players with the same first name scored a hat trick for the same team in that team's home opener. There's always next year....

Final Thoughts:

Well, 2 down, 80 left to go. As low as we were after losing on Thursday night, we were as high after winning last night. However, this is only the beginning and while last night was a lot of fun, there are still 80 games left on the schedule. Any momentum that the Caps had built up with last night's win will be lost as the team is off now until Thursday when they visit Minnesota. Hopefully some more chemistry will be developed on the Power Play between now and then.



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