Sunday, April 12, 2009

Round 1 Schedule

Series B:

Game 1: @ Washington, Wednesday April 15th, 7 pm, Comcast Sportsnet, TSN

Game 2: @ Washington, Saturday April 18th, 1 pm, NBC, TSN

Game 3: @ New York, Monday April 20th, 7 pm, Comcast Sportsnet, Versus, TSN

Game 4: @ New York, Wednesday April 22nd, 7 pm, Comcast Sportsnet, Versus, TSN

Game 5: @ Washington, Friday April 24th, 7pm, Comcast Sportsnet, Versus, TSN, RDS

Game 6: @ New York, Sunday April 26th, 2 pm, NBC, TSN, RDS

Game 7: @ Washington, Tuesday April 28th, TBA, Comcast Sportsnet, Versus, TSN, RDS


Caps Press Release sent at 11:52 pm

Original source, Steve Zipsay Newsday Blue Notes blog. Only time confirmed is Game 2, all others are guesses. Game 6 could be a 2 pm NBC broadcast.

UPDATE: Over at Puck The Media it looks as if the NHL is hashing out some big time arena Scheduling and TV issues. That is why there is no official word on the playoff schedule yet.

It should be noted that after Tuesday's The Dead show, the next event on the Phone Booth Calendar is Bruce Springsteen on May 18th. Madison Square Garden has High School Basketball on April 18th, The Dead on the 25th, and WWE on the 28th, but none of those dates would cause conflicts with what the NHL is trying to do.

One final note for this update, after the infamous Pittsburgh Burn the Floor fiasco in 2000, the NHL has required all franchises to have more control over potential playoff scheduling. However, some teams, like Boston, share their arenas with NBA franchises and cannot get open dates as easily.

UPDATE AGAIN: While the NHL Network continues to be useless, Comcast Sportsnet Mid-Atlantic is reporting the same schedule that Newsday is. If one more reputable source starts reporting this and we'll calling this a night kids.

ONE MORE UPDATE: Well folks, TSN has the Caps and the Rangers on their schedule for Wednesday night. We're calling it a night kids.



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