Friday, April 17, 2009

Round 1 Daily Report 4-17-2009

The Local Yokels:

(Com)Post. Times: taking one for the team, pressure relieved, veteran presence, Fedorov timelime.

The Neutral Observers: net options, bounce back, possible return. AP Wire. too much time, questions abound.

Open Source Intelligence:

Newsday. New York Daily News. New York Times. New York Post.

Open Source Stupidity:

New York Post: not sold yet, still day-to-day.

Today's Spin:

So after Sean Avery's moving pick on Mike "BEAM ME UP" Green and Tomas Fleischmann getting taken out well behind the play on the Rangers first goal, John Tortorella thinks the Rangers got hosed? We have to wonder about that one.

Finally we stand behind our point that switching out Jose "Alvin, Simon," Theodore for Simeon Varlamov is a mistake. Furthermore, we think that the talk of that having to happen in Game 2 is way premature. If Bruce Boudreau needs to do anything he needs to get this team to realize that they are playing the Rangers, not the Flyers and make small changes around the edges of the lineup, not big wholesale changes because most of what the Caps were doing on Wednesday night worked. Hades, we scored three goals on Lundqvist.

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