Sunday, March 30, 2008

Caps @ Panthers 3-29-2008 Wrap Up

The Local Yokels:

(Com)Post. Times.

The Neutral Observers: AP Wire.

The Other Side:

Miami Herald: eliminated, wants to stay.

Final Thoughts:

If you haven't already read it somewhere else, (or figured it out on your own) the Caps MUST WIN on Tuesday night if they want to win the Southeast Division. That's because the Caps MUST pass the Canes to win the Southeast Division and therefore will need at least TWO MORE LOSSES from Carolina to accomplish that but one of those losses MUST come from playing the Caps. The Caps CAN afford to win on Tuesday night in overtime or in the gimmick. If the Caps win IN OVERTIME OR THE GIMMICK on Tuesday night, then Carolina MUST lose another game IN REGULATION for the Caps to have a chance to pass them. If the Caps win in REGULATION on Tuesday night, they'll need another loss OF ANY KIND by Carolina in order to have a chance to pass them. Of course, none of this matters if the Caps end up losing in regulation on Tuesday night. Should that happen, Carolina will win the Southeast Division title. If the Caps lose in overtime or in a gimmick, they'll need Carolina to lose BOTH their last two games IN REGULATION and the Caps MUST win in their last two games to win the Southeast Division which isn't very likely making Tuesday's game a MUST WIN. Did you get all of that??? Good, there will be a quiz on Tuesday... The 8th seed is a little more complicated.

79 down, 3 to go.



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