Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just Leave It Well Enough Alone Ok?

NHL messing around with rules again.

Of the rule changes announced yesterday, only the faceoff location makes sense. Anybody who watches the game knows how ridiculous the faceoffs away from the dots become as the wingers are right on top of the centers as the puck is dropped. Why this change wasn't made years ago I don't know.

However that along with the new standards for awarding penalty shots will make the real game more like the video games out there. Soon you will see the NHL awarding penalty shots to players in the offensive zone who are fouled from behind with nobody between the attacking player and the goaltender. Nevermind that there wasn't any kind of breakaway... (Hey, the penalty shot is the MOST EXCITING PLAY IN HOCKEY!!!)

Finally 5 minutes for interference? Maybe I've missed something but have there been obstruction fouls worthy of a 5 minute penalty? Isn't the complaint that most of the interference calls aren't worthy of a two minute penalty in the first place?

Correct me if I'm wrong, (and I know many of you will jump at the chance) but it looks as if instigator change was wisely deep sixed. So give the Board of Governors some credit...



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