Thursday, June 21, 2007

Forget Something Pal?

Eric Kay of See-BS Sportsline takes a crack at the D.C. sports scene.

I'll give him credit that cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, and which only have two of the "big four" don't count.

But he forgets Atlanta. Atlanta has all of the "big four" and they have even less than D.C. does right now.

Sure the Braves just finished off winning 14 straight Division Titles, Congrats to them but there was only one World Series in that streak and for many years at the end there were huge sections of empty seats in Atlanta in October. We just got a baseball franchise that MLB wanted to contract so they ran it into the ground and has been shackled in favor of a redneck podunk town who can't support its own franchises. Cut us some slack.

The Atlanta Hawks have never won a title and haven't posted a winning record since 1999. The closest they've come since then is 2002-2003 when they finished 8 games under .500. Say what you want but the Bullets are now what Dishonest Abe always shoots for and that's a team that can make the playoffs. They also have an NBA title to their credit.

For the past three years the Thrashers were the team "ready to breakthrough." Well this year they did it and the were swept out by the Rangers of all teams. Now with the salary cap issues surrounding the team, will Atlanta make it back next year? Not bloody likely, the Caps have made it clear that they are rebuilding and Mr. Kay takes the dim view and all but declares that A.O. will walk when his contract comes up. Source?

And of course the biggest object of his ire is Dan Snyder and the Redskins. Well, at least the Redskins have some Super Bowl and NFL Titles to their credit which is more than the Falcons have. The Skins have made the playoffs more recently while the Falcons are saddled with Michael Vick and the memories of Jerry Glanville. Let's not run a comparison of Hall of Famers either. That would be downright ugly and I don't think either team right now is a threat to win the Super Bowl in the coming season.

For good measure he also includes College Basketball, again, Maryland won an National and ACC Title this decade. Georgia Tech has no Basketball NT's and their last ACC title was in 1993. Oh, and when Maryland is consistently getting 50K+ for football games, that stupid little Kennedy Center crack comes across as downright ignorant.

But that's just par for the course over at See-BS Sportsline...


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