Thursday, May 03, 2007

Talk About Odd..

Caps fans love to bash anything George McPhee does but we really should be thankful that he doesn't make trades just to make trades.

Nats GM Jim Bowden does exactly that because that is the only explanation of his trade for Ryan Langerhans.

Now in the interest of full disclosure here, I haven't been following the Nats that closely and from what I've seen is that there are problems in the field for the Nats (mostly on the pitcher's mound) but the outfield has been fine. It has been the infielders throwing the ball away and making errors, not the outfielders.

But Bowden trades one outfielder for another outfielder saying this will improve the defense. Ooookkkkaaaayyyyy...... This also creates an outfield logjam when Nook Logan comes back and somebody will have to be the odd man out. This just doesn't make sense.



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