Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pinged Ponged Out

Three years ago the Caps leapfrogged the Chicago Blackhawks and the Pittsburgh Penguin Scum to win the NHL Draft Lottery and selected A.O. #1 overall.

The Penguin Scum were rewarded in the 2005 Draft Farce...er...Fix...er...Lottery with the #1 Overall Pick (their 2nd #1 Overall pick in three years) while the Blackhawks and Caps were consigned to #7 and #14 picks overall respectively.

Well today the Blackhawks beat the odds and got the #1 overall pick despite having the worst odds of obtaining the #1 overall pick. This is the fourth consectutive year the Blackhawks have missed the playoffs and they've only made them once in the past nine seasons. Furthermore, they haven't won a playoff series since 1996.

As a result the Caps fall to #5 overall in the first round. The Caps have that #5 pick and are rooting for a Buffaslug upset in the playoffs in order to improve the pick they got in the Zubrus trade.

Interesting history note, Scott Stevens was a #5 overall selection for the Caps in 1982. While the Caps have benefited greatly from the system and seeing the Flyers get dealt another defeat makes me laugh, hard, I still don't understand the rationale or need for a Draft Lottery. Teams are going to tank either way because tanking will either raise your draft position or increase your odds of winning the #1 overall pick.

That being said, I am glad that the NHL does not do the made-for-TV nonsense that the NBA is addicted to.


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