Saturday, March 17, 2007

Survive and Adavance 2007 Round II

You live by the three, you die by the three and (The) Butler (did it) hit enough three pointers so get past Maryland 62-59.

The lack of a true inside presence along with atrocious free throw shooting, going 7 for 15, did Maryland in. The bench also failed to provide any spark for the Terps who did not have a very good game today.

In addition to See-BS keeping the local TV markets on the Ohio State-Xavier game long past the start of the Maryland game, there were certainly some questionable calls as I don't think Butler's guards were called for their push offs or "hooks" as the drove to the basket all game.

Now the Terps season is over and if at the start of the year you told Terp fans that they would finish in a tie for third in the ACC and get within 3 three points of the Sweet Sixteen, I certainly would have taken it. This was a Maryland team with a lot of good role players but no stars and zero real inside players so hat's off the job that Gary Williams did this year. The Terps graduate six players off the roster so they'll be a very young team next year but their returning guards have NCAA tournament experience which will help them a lot next year.



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