Thursday, March 15, 2007

Caps @ Bruins 3-15-2007 Post-Mortem

Onto the Battle Damage Assessment...

  • Captain Chris Clark with the Hat Trick (a natural is done all in one period) one even, one on the Power Play, and one Shorthanded.
  • Boyd Gordon going 15-5 on faceoffs and leading the Caps who won 60% of the faceoffs tonight.


  • I think the fact that Alexander Semin was having another one of his lackadaisical games is the reason why he rang the post in overtime with backhand.
  • The Power Play was 1 for 6 but had the wonderful habit of taking penalties on the Power Play to negate the advantage.
  • Matt Bradley's stupid fight and needless fight with Andrew Alberts. Not only did he allow Alberts to wake his team up, he killed a developing 2-on-1 for the Caps. That's the kind of intelligence normally seen out of John Erskine Bowles.


  • Not only do the Caps blow a 3-0 lead, they give up all three goals on the Power Play. The Caps inability to stay out of the penalty box did them in tonight more than anything else.
  • The game was decided by a gimmick.

So looking on the bright side, the Caps come away with a point and now only need ten more in their last 11 games to surpass last year's total of 70. But that's just about it aside from the play of the usual suspects on the team. It is almost getting to the point where the Caps are going to need an act of Congress to get any kind of win. At least Dook lost...



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