Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Penguin Scum Not Moving, Caps Fans Plans of Realignment Really Up In Smoke Now.

How bad is the Penguin Scum franchise? They can't even extort their home city for an arena. Instead of taking a deal that gives them an arena rent-free and access to the revenue streams of that arena, the Penguin Scum will fork over millions of dollars to stay in a dying city.

Whatever floats your boat kids.

However, what this really kills is a favorite pastime of Caps fans all over the place. Caps fans have come up with all sorts of convolutions to get the Caps out of the Southeast Division and back into the Atlantic and this was BEFORE the Flyers went into the tank and only New Jersey put a respectable hockey team on the ice so this has nothing to do with competitiveness.

However tell me folks, which team has the rawer deal in the current NHL Alignment?

Based upon Google Maps distance from arena to arena

Team A has to travel 400, 457, 639, and 642 miles to play their Divisional opponents.

Team B has to travel 1,082, 1,423, 1,432 and 1,685 miles to play their Divisional opponents.

Team C has to travel 859, 1,201, 1,300, and 1,803 miles to play their Divisional opponents.

Tell me folks, who is getting rawer deal here?

Certainly NOT the team who travels 274, 637, 902, and 1,031 miles to play their Division opponents like the Caps do. Because Team A is the Atlanta Thrashers, Team B is the Dallas Stars and Team C is the Minnesota Wild. Dallas and Minnesota as a matter of fact are two teams in the Central time zone who play in the Pacific and Northwest Divisions respectively. Detroit and Columbus are in the Eastern time zone yet stuck in the Western Conference.

For the record the Caps are 80, 225, 226, 247, and 253 from the Atlantic Division teams. However, the Caps have very little to stand on when it comes to complaining about Divisional placement.


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