Wednesday, January 10, 2007


We had a bit of a rough patch there, but A.O. has been in voted as a starter for the Eastern Conference in the NHL All-Star Game. Coverage is here, here, and here.

A.O. becomes the first Caps starter since the Secretary of Defense, Rod Langway in 1986. 21 years is too long to go without a starter IMHO.

Now if there is any justice, Olie Kolzig will be named to the squad as well. Kolzig has been receiving accolades from just about everywhere this season and is considered by more than a few people to be the Caps MVP. However, when it comes to reserves, politics plays a large role and Kolzig could very well end up being left out because of another "name" goaltender or because a team needed to send a representative.

But let's hope when the rest of the All-Stars are announced on Saturday that Kolzig gets his just reward.


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